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Italy: Fiat

Italy: Pasta

Hobby: Stamp Collecting

Who: Buddha.

Movie: Cars

Brazil: Coffee

United Kingdom: The Royal Wedding

Food: Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Movie: Money Not Enough

Sweden: Safety

Indonesia: Thousands Of Islands

Book: Memories Along The Journey

Story: Rapunzel

Venice: City of Canals

Portugal: The Towel of Belem

China: Greater Expo

Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

France: Home to Airbus

Switzerland: Republic of the Alps

Denmark: Europe's Oldest Kingdom

The Mongolian Hero

Sunken Treasure

Royal Menanti Palace

Singapore: Election 2011

Malacca: 8 Immortals Wood Carvings

Malacca: Watching The Sunset

Poem To My Mother

Malacca: Dinner By The River

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