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Advertisement Rates for Melaka YouTube Channel

青云亭 narrated by 王淑欣

Dairy Free Crushes by Boost

Lean & Green Low-Fat, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Juices and Smoothies

A well dress girl today in Melaka

Low-fat smoothies

KP Cup Singing Competition 2017

Massage your body with Odyssey

顶好海鲜火锅与煮炒之家 Melaka Q Best Seafood Steamboat

栖云楼PJ碳炒福建面 Bukit Beruang Melaka PJ Hokkien Mee

Clarks Court Shoes

A Promising Singer : Maisarah

MaiSarah @MyMahkotaParade 17 & 18 Jun 2017

Ellis Tote in red leather

Misteri Kampung Batu 311

Formal Shoes

See Maisarah Ukulele at Mahkota Parade

Ramadan Tengah Malam Freeport A Famosa

Elle and Dakota

Bazar Ramadan Mega Melaka 2017