Story: Rapunzel

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 A young man was hunting one day in a forest in Germany when he heard a girl singing sweetly but sadly to herself. The man followed the sound and reached a tower in which there was no door or staris. As he stood among the tress, wondering where the entrance was, a Witch hobbled up and sand:

"Rapunzel ! Rapunzel !
Let down your hair."

A lovely maiden at once came to the window at the top of the tower, and unbound her golden tresses, and they were so long that they touched the ground, and the Witch slowly climbed up on them.

When the witch departed, he also sang:

"Rapunzel ! Rapunzel !
Let down your hair."

Rapunzel did so, and he ascended. Rapunzel had never seen a man before and she was startled when he appeared. The Witch had taken her from her parents when she was a baby and kept her in the tower where she had grown up alone.

After plenty of obtacles, the man finally led Rapunzel to her father's kingdom.

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