Food: Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, also called the Comsummation of Happiness and Longevity, always heads the list of famous Fujian dishes.

Cooked for long hours over a low charcoal fire, the ingredients, saturated with rich and delicious sauce, are soft and pleasing to the palate.

During the reign of the Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty, China, Chef Zheng Chunfa often prepared the Buddha Jump Over The Wall for the Governor Zhou at the capital of Fujian Province.

Some time later, Chef Zheng Chunfa left the Governor's residence and opened a restaurant next to a Buddhist temple.

The wonderful smell of Chef Zheng's dish interferes with a monk meditation next door, each time Chef Zheng prepared the dish. One day, the monk jumped over the wall to find out what makes the aroma so irresistible to his nostrils. Before this dish got its present name, Buddha Jump Over The Wall, it was called the Wine-Jug Stew.

The dish, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is prepared only in certain restaurants in Malaysia.

Here is the list of some best Chinese Restaurants in Malaysia.

Reowned for its Cantonese and Szechuan cusine, and voted as one of Malaysia's Best Restaurants, Long Feng Chinese Restaurant is located on the 2nd. floor of Renaissance Malacca Hotel, Jalan Bendahara, Heritage Malacca. Malaysia. +6062848888
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