Who: Buddha.

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Who is the Buddha ?

The Buddha is the greatest man ever born in the history of humanity. Born a prince in 623BC.

He relinquished the luxuries of royalty and went forth in search of the true meaning of existence. After six years of intense striving, unaided and unguided by any supernatural power, and relying only on His strong conviction, energetic effort and accumulated wisdom, He became a Buddha - a Self-Enlightened and Full-Awakened One.

He has fully understood the unsatisfactory conditions in life, and moreover, He knows the practical way out of this mass of suffering.

"The Flower of Mankind" ~ Buddha

"The sweet scent of flowers blows not against the wind,
nor does the fragrance of sandalwood, tagara and jasmine;
but the fragrance of the virtuous goes against the wind
and pervades every direction."
| Dhammapad v.54
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