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NUS Business School

品品香餐室 Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant Melaka

Finally found you

தீபாவளி Bright Blessing This Deepaval

Sandal that massage

A door near to Zheng He Museum Melaka

Comfort footwear by Scholl

Pillar of Headman Abdul Majid's house

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Clubs' advantages

Astro Maxis Perodua ~ Deepavali

Malacca Gujarati Samaj


Sit tall, walk tall

Lotus Blanc Resort

肉干 Rou Gan

A Shopping Esplanade, Melaka

I used to grind soya beans with this


Sometimes when we touch

Recollection at Casa: MHS 1977

Cebu Mangoes

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

BEN 10

Don’t work on bed

Check you name

Please don't underestimate the young

Concept Cars

Melaka, from History to Heritage

How the Baba got started

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Changi Airport

Element of Surprise

Florida's giant eyeball mystery solved: It belonged to a swordfish

Incredible City

Loan Shark

Education Museum


Wonder Girls Live Concert 13 Oct 12 Malaysia

Vivid recollection at Casa: Malacca High School 1977

Fresh and Radiant Complexion

Sweet Vacation

2009 Sunday Marketing Guide, Malaysia

PAKATAN singing ...

Setinggi-tinggi Tahniah kepada TYT Melaka, Harijadi ke 74

Coins and Notes - The Remaining Few

Who care the most

How we decide

Ming Wares

Stay Hilton. Go Foodie

Najib can win PRU-13

More school days next year - Nation | The Star Online

Mist in Greece, … a gift of Nature

Knitting Rice

Ink we use

Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende

Bracelet & Loafer by Alexander McQueen

Avocado Grilled Cheese


Coconut Shake..Batu Berendam Melaka

An old uncle - updated