Love encore in Melaka 又见 马六甲

Image Shot Date : 1 July 2018 1:59 pm
Resolution : 3984x2988 Camera : Samsung SM-G925F
Aperture : F1.9 Focal Length : 4.30 mm
ISO : 320 Exposure Time : 1/10 s
Space!   Oh yes, a little tremor on the seat and all I could only know was I traveled under super speed in space when I realized bright dotted-lights continue to uncover themselves and shoot all over from front to back…flying through? Plenty of them, never seem to end. 

In a few seconds, I have completely forget where was me and I resurfaced some 3,800 Trillion Kilometers away in Time in the middle of nowhere. 
[ 1 light year is about 9.5 Trillion Kilometers ]

The cold sea fog cut vision after hand-length and while sitting on the plank-floored vessel, shouting of man vague and aloud came from more than one direction. 

I felt the vessel was steering to the right as the beams high above me have swayed an angle of more than 45 degrees and all of a sudden, bursting [1] beats drummed the non-warring armada out of the thick mist. The voyage was super dangerous but safely pulled up to the shore in such cinematic moments.

Fading in, to the eyes in the palace, a king and his entourage marched to the coastal line, a location, one day in the far future, would be a coronation park destined for a Tunku [2] to proclaim independence.

Lights became so disciplined [3] when attention-grabbing red ornate cloth dances to the rhythmic series of patterned strokes on the gu amplified by other drummers as grateful sailors who have never see land for a long time and who were sick of waters. The unbelievable joy in that moment of the coming face to face, pushes by sense-surround rising woody-boxy sound bestowed a glorious friendship [4], a love at first sight … forever lasting.

Heads over heels, marriages were made in heaven, … Baba and Nyonya [5] born, infuses a special breed of costumes, cuisines, dances and music, homes, language and poem, rites and ritual.
A ‘ Teng ’ led a nyonya whose with measured-steps to a home where the doors opened to countless emergence of impressive nyonya encoring their finest arts and precise gestures.

<SPACE>head {2:40pm}

Preoccupied with the show, super engrossed ...better feel, see, wonder rather than write ...

{3:40 pm}  <SPACE>end

That kingdom [6] grew from one spoken language to 84 languages and is now listed as a heritage city exactly presented by some 200 dedicated and diversified performers, who colored the entire space in orbit until three men gestured me it is time to return home. 

I returned to Melaka within the Impression City at about 3:40 pm, making an exit from the first public viewing on July 1, 2018.

Zone C3 Row Y Seat 33 has improved my power of thinking, mindfully for the past recorded evidences, the joy of present [7] and the artificial intelligence [8] of the future. Fantasy? ... Illusion? ... in Southeast Asia, Encore Melaka has stretched not only my imagination but yours when you are in it. [ An Immersive Performance directed by Wang Chaoge ]

Read HERE [A Orbiting Theatre] on my encounter of Encore Melaka.

[1] No GPS, no Waze. Just imagine how a man can amplify the beating sound of a standard drum upon seeing lights after long period of uncertainties.

[2] The Father of Independence and the first Prime Minister of Malaya.

[3] Not dispersed, well behaved rays and words can't describe except seeing it.

[4] The Friendship. A Glory for China-Melaka.

[5] You will never have a complete understanding if you don't check it out HERE.

[6] The kingdom is the Malacca Sultanate Kingdom. Find out more from PERZIM.

[7] To immerse oneself in the orbiting platform at Encore Melaka is an absolute Joy.

[8] I have invoked the auditory stimuli of my Temporal Lobe and teased my visual processing of my Occipital Lobe, to develop the artificial intelligence of the future, in short, AI, a trending new study in university.

Here, house abundance robust engineering

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