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Easter at Novotel Melaka

Was Easter celebrated by all countries on the same date in the early times ?

Now, the Sunday after following the full moon should be Easter Day and by it the date of Easter is fixed for every year. The Chinese just celebrated their full moon on Tuesday 11 April 2017.

One of the greatest days of the Christian religion is Easter, which occurs on Sunday in either March or April.

Easter is a major festival of the Christian churches commemorating the resurrection of Christ.

The Jewish Pasch or Passover is a paschal time which means Easter, a word derived from Esotre, the name of a Teutonic goddess.

Having honor Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday, I am going to enjoy Easter at Novotel Melaka from noon, within The Square, half an hour from now. 

To find a vacant parking lot is easy and convenient, thus by 12:22 noon, I have checked-in at The Square.

Muhammad advised me that the face-painting and the egg-painting is going to begin by 1 pm, giving me enough time to record some videos of the foods.


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