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Why I must visit the Kampung Chetti ?

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In the following paragraphs, we would be explaining the extension of the Hindus and Tamil people from India to Southeast Asia. Not many people from around the world has taken note that once there were some 84 languages spoken in a Malay Kingdom called Melaka.

By 5 in the late yesterday afternoon, I was at the Chetti Museum and this place is easily accessible on Jalan Gajah Berang. Mr. Mohan, a Chetti himself, staying in the Kampung Chetti or Chetti Village guided us through a complete tour about the origin of the Chetti community in Melaka, the heritage, the descendants inherited from generation to generation which constructed the lifestyle of his people today.

Mr. Mohan’s father was from India and thus, although Indian merchants called at other Malayan ports on trading voyages, Indian settlement in Melaka has evidence with records as far as the Sultanate era during the 1400 to 1511. The h…

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