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Spaghetti cooked by Super Rabbit on Hang Kasturi Melaka

Spa’gettithe Italian pronounced as spah_GEH-tee is yummy at Super Rabbit Café. What is a vacation without great food?

Super Rabbit Café presents a menu that is inspired by flavours that define local cuisine, updated with an international taste profile that will appeal to all travelers.

Look at the beautiful clouds above.

With Super Rabbit, I noticed straight up that the shades of the color of the sauce looked respectable – not too red nor brown complemented with enough green.

First fork impressions – pow!
Flavorsome and succulent.

Excellent smoothness and tangy.

Overall, a very delicious and tasty spaghetti.

Open to both staying and walk-in guests, this casual all-day dining outlet is ideal for all styles of gatherings, from breakfast meetings to lunch catch-ups, coffee-and-cake breaks to an intimated dinner for two.
Whether you just want a light nibble or a substantial meal, Super Rabbit Café selections will have you hopping with delight.
Al dente pasta coated in …

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