Encore Melaka Theatre – A Theatre Never Like Before 又见马六甲

Wang Chaoge's Quote " I did not choose Melaka,
Melaka has choosen me ... "
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I have been waiting since 2015 for the staging of the Impression Series in Melaka and over time, I simply cannot resist to watch a short video of the series from sites in China on YouTube.

“ It is worth flying to an Encore Theatre or an Impression Theatre to watch the show though your home may by far away” - The WTO said after watching the first creation.

Datuk Wira Boo, " I've always wanted to contribute to Melaka ... "
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As a Melakan, I have read her history. The ‘Melaka Period’ began in the fifteenth-century and did not just ended in the following or next century but lingered on till the nineteenth century.

After the mouse deer pushed the dog into the river, the eastern dynasties and the western empires began to love Melaka. Melaka was a ' sleeping-hollow ' once. Today, Melaka is going to encore her glory again. Melaka got its name from Parameswara and when Ma Huan, who visited Melaka on Zheng He’s voyages reported that ancient Melaka was not a country or “ Kuo ” Ma Huan came to know that Melaka paid an annual tribute of 40 tael of gold to Siam.

Of the 7 voyages Zheng He made to Xiyang, the admiral developed trading ties with many ancient cities in Nanyang, and berth 5 times in Melaka. When China’s Meizhou Mazu ~ click to visualize how enthusiastic Melakan people were then when the deity visited in Melaka on July 4, last year, I recalled that Zheng He had prayed to Lin Mo, the deity for seafarers, fishermen and sailors, on his last voyage.

There are numerous books recording the ties of Zheng He with Melaka, movies,  and what not, but to synchronized every bits of the great and many moments that happened in the long past into a masterpiece, and to replay such, is an encore.

We are lucky to have Yong Tai ~ click Yong Tai to get to the Impression City Sites, Zhang Yimou, Fan Yue and Wang Chaoge ~ click to read about her on China Daily to engineered a dream to a drama for us. You will feel, we will hear and everyone will see the historic truth inside ENCORE to how we have read from books, we have watched on the screen, and some who have listened to them from speakers.

Herein, I need to record a Thank You to Mr. Chwee, for walking me through The Making Of Encore Melaka, Katherine Chu for a summary of Encore Melaka, and Margaret Liew for guiding me on a tour.

Check Out ! A World Class Theatrette in superb motion is performing with the dedicated intelligence orchestrated by creative directors and some 200 carefully selected performers, whose potential and talent is being scrutinized to promise you a good ticket buy.

I have a ticket on hand and I am going for the first show.

" Your Melaka. My Passion " ~ Daniel Ong, the Blogger

Contact Now

Level 6-3 Tower B Jaya 99
99 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia

Tel +606 22 77 555
Fax +606 22 77 332

A-7-01 Block A Oasis Damansara
No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A
Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel +603 78 59 88 65
Fax +603 78 59 88 64

Note :

WTO - World Tourism Organisation 

with Street View

The Preview Tour on Sunday 22 April 2018

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JPEG Image of Blogger at URL https://generalabout.blogspot.my

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