Education Museum

Melaka Education Museum building was constructed during the British rule in 1884. Initially in 1931, it housed the Melaka High School. The steadily increasing annual number of students had caused an overflow in student population, prompting the school to relocate to larger building in Jalan Chan Koon Cheng. The Melaka Labour and Audit Department immediately moved in and remained there until 1978. The building was left vacant once again when the department relocated to the Federal Building in Jalan Hang Tuah.

After this building underwent conservation work in 2003, the Melaka Museums Corporation had proposed to the Melaka State Government for it to be converted into the Museum of Education due to its interesting history of housing the Melaka High School, as well as to display artifacts contributed by the school's Heritage Corner, which was introduced in Melaka in 1993.

The building design is a fusion of English, Dutch, Moorish and Anglo-Chinese architectures. The window is of Dutch design with no wind holes, using English materials and bricks, double-layered roofing and Indian roof tiles. There are similarities in its column design with the Stadhuys building. The embankment was made of Dutch bricks to prevent soil erosion.

The objective of the museum is to document the history of education, particularly in the state of Melaka, in order to fulfilll the aspirations of educators and the general public in formulating a recipe or method that will contribute to the human capital development.

It also served to disseminate information on the history and development of education in Malaysia particularly in Melaka, from the Melaka Malay Sultanate era up to the present time.

It showcase to the younger generation in the understanding of the national education development in order to create individuals who with excellent character and highly disciplined.

Overall, it served as an appropriate accolade to prominent educators.
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