Recollection at Casa: MHS 1977

October 27, 2012. 2 days to the Chinese Full-Moon. 九月十五

A group of former Malacca High School pupils and teachers gathered.

There is a learning. A simple, clear learning. The learning is the teachers are still teaching today. They are in front our eyes and that is teaching. Being absence also teaches. Listen to this lyric. This lyric is based on an existing prose by a famous Chinese writer Su Shi 1063 – 1101 AD. It was written during a full-moon in the annual Chinese Harvest Moon, when he was sharing drinks with his friends.
When will the moon be clear and bright
With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the sky
Moon has shade, sunny, full and depletion
Man has sorrow, joy, separation and union
Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart
May we all be blessed
Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together
The song tell a story. The story is about a hope for a perfect union like the full-moon but in reality, it is not possible. But blessed, the beauty lies in the hearts of one near and one far apart.

Sing by Faye Wong and the song ‘Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu’

The next Organizer is to be selected. He has to continue the tradition. KK Pak and YL Tan are the Co-Organizers for the 3rd Gathering. At Casa del Rio, each and every one puzzle a vivid recollection of their childhood, all teachers favored. 5 Science 1, Aziz is the first student while Yong is the 40th student, alphabetically. 5 Science 2, from Karim to Zahari, they make 41. 5 Science 3, 38 is counted from Ghapar to Zulkfali. 5 Science 4, Ghaffar led 34 others. 5 Arts 1, Abd Rahman to Yam is a sum of 43. 5 Arts 2, 46 is the highest counts for 1977 starting with Halim to Wahid. 5 Arts 3, vividly recollected has Razak as Number 1 in the register and Zainal Number 45. The 7 classes total count was 288.

A big family, they perceived and felt the freshness of one common vivid personality. Their vividness is a big casa shielding all weathers. The Casa is built on love. Casa is Spanish word for ‘private home’ Here (updated Wednesday 24 October 2012) is a tapestry of the vivid recollection.

Who taught you this formula ? Who taught you the Father of Independence is Tunku Abdul Rahman ? Who taught you that the 435 kilometres Pahang River is the longest river in Peninsular Malaysia ? Is the mathematics teacher with you ? Is the history teacher with you ? Is the geography teacher with you ?

Going 53, these Chinese almanac metal rats would enjoy a very good life force, a very good health, a neutral wealth, excellent success and excellent spirit according to the Chinese feng shui. When this year dragon turn snake in 2013, if any, enemies would become luck bringing  friends. The ruling trigram foresee new growth and wealth chi.

35 years cannot diminish the value of their relationships but instead time continue to power their love and loyalty through the constant ripples that are touching near and far. One teacher said, “You people are thoughtful. A noble character you have.(18:22 Friday 19 October 2012)

to be continued ....
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