Lean & Green Low-Fat, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Juices and Smoothies

Source : http://boostjuicebars.com.sg/lean-green

Evelyn was at The Shore Shopping Gallery, to redeem her Ringgit Malaysia 50 voucher and using it with her cash of three hundred, she bought the Catherine & Mott's bedsheet set for her daughter.

I roam within the shopping gallery ground floor shops and outlets and was attracted to the Boost booth. I find out that Boost is originated from Australia.

It has green smoothies of whole fruits and vegetables naming them as :

  • Grape Escape - a mix of spinach, pineapple, green grapes, banana, coconut water and ice.
  • Caribbean Green - a mix of mango, passion fruit, banana, spinach, mango nectar, coconut milk, coconut water and ice.
It also has veggie freshly squeeze as :

  • Veggie Garden - a mix of spinach, cucumber, celery, carrot, orange, chia seeds and ice.
  • Mint Condition - a mix of spinach, mint, celery, apple, cucumber and ice.

Meanwhile, the super smoothies has low-fat with super booster powers in a meal cup as :

  • Wondermelon - a combination of strawberries, watermelon, TD4 strawberry yoghurt, whey protein and ice plus a superfruit boosster.
  • Skinny Dip - giving you a protein booster of blueberries, raspberries, banana, apple juice, TD4 strawberry yoghurt and ice.
  • Soraya's Favourite - is going to make you happy with mango, green tea, mango nectar, TD4 vanilla yoghurt, sorbet and ice plus an immunity booster.
  • Brekkie To Gogo - is cheering you up with banana, toasted muesli, honey, low-fat milk, or soy, TD4 vanilla yoghurt or soy, TD4 vanilla yoghurt and ice plus energiser booster.
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