A Promising Singer : Maisarah

When you hear of the word ‘ukulele’, what do you think ? Probably yours is the same as mine, the ‘hula-hula’ dances we saw in the TV series, Hawaii 5-O starring Jack Lord. For your information, there is an annual Hawaiian Ukulele Festival with a mission to give laughter, love and hope to children and adults throughout Hawaii and the world through the music of ukulele.
Manuel Nunes developed in Honolulu the ukulele when he arrived in 1879 from Madeira, Portugal carrying a Hawaiian meaning “jumping flea” which charmed the Royal Hawaiian family and the world thereafter.

After meeting Maisarah in person, now I understand more about the origin of ukulele and its influences throughout the world. My first sight of an ukulele was somewhere between 1967 to the year 1971 when the Portuguese men from the Portuguese Settlement would come to the rows of houses in my neighborhood during the Chinese New Year. The Chinese would then give them red packets after they played their Portuguese tunes. Watch Martin Theseira with his ukulele here.
She is a performer, ukulele player, singer and a dancer when she entertained the crowd in Istana Budaya, Hard Rock Café Kuala Lumpur and onboard a navy ship prior to her performances in Mahkota Parade, Melaka.

Maisarah learned the musical instrument from videos on the YouTube when she was 13 and in just three years she has advanced much in the music industry. For the, I’m Yours Cover, Maisarah was performing on The US Navy Pacific Fleet Band at E-Curve duet with vocalist Brent Mithell.

Her Prasetia, timely for today Father’s Day is her second single, a song with lyrics written by Hazami. Maisarah has passion to compose her own song, artful with ukulele and piano and love to sing.
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