It's OK to be different

Sunday 10 June 2018

How can anybody with autism who does not understand musical scores and children with severe hearing impairments play music? But they really do!

The Persatuan Kanner Melaka welcomes you to Oriental Medical Centre on 10th June (Sunday), 2pm for the " Talk & Sing Along - It's Okay to be  Different" concert.

One of the performers on that day is an autistic singer Chia Loke Yen from Persatuan Kanner Melaka. He cannot read nor understand musical score, but plays music and sings beautifully. He holds a 7th grade Singing Performance Certificate. 

His mother Mdm Tsong and elder brother Kang Yen will be there. Mdm Tsong gave a brief story of Loke Yen's music journey while Kang Yen with support his brother with the guitar and backup singing.

In addition, six physically and mentally handicapped children from the Broken Wing Angels Orchestra in Yunlin, Taiwan, have worked hard for many years, using residual hearing, practiced vibrating against the violin and the floor to overcome obstacles with strong willpower, are  performing cellos, violin and keyboard with good musical skills.

These children have worked very hard in  order to obtain the Street Performer's License that enables them to perform overseas.   

They started with no musical foundations until they are able  to perform beautiful music on stage. No ordinary people can understand what they went through.

This time they have  come to Melaka  to perform with  Loke Yen .Hopefully through the performance, more people will  understand that although they are different from ordinary people, they can pursue their dreams and create beautiful moments in  their lives.

All are welcome support and admission is free. However, due to limited space, please register in advance.

For any inquiry, please contact: 012-2668348 or 016-2701911.


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