XQ Western SteakHouse - I gonna share the good taste

If you feel this video preview isn't enough to build appetite, check how my taste buds guided me to describe in this blog post after you watched it !


A soothing garden-like area fronting the restaurant; my first impression is, it is going to be a joyful get-together this evening. My son uttered to me, " Pa, this place looks like Oasis Ara Damansara " Use the below Google Street View to check the area !

Well, I am not shy to tell you that this is the first time I dined with XQ Western SteakHouse in Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya. Blatantly, I told Ken, Alvin and Ally and to my surprise, they served me like I am a regular guest. I am amazed as to what formula they used to orchestrate the whole dining hall into a joyful experience for everyone on top of their excellent food, beverages and services. I am usually slow in praising, but not for this time.

Hardly can I be pampered with services of their standard in Melaka.

Mothers' Day asked for this wonderful dinner. Danielle called from Genting Highlands after the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour 2018, Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, to inform her sister, Sandra to coordinate a surprise dinner for mum. I only got to know about it at six, an hour before we were seated on Table A1A at 5 & 7 KLJ 1-A, Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya, Melaka. I am confident you can easily reserved your table via this number, 016 624 4082 Today is Mothers' Day

Atlantic Salmom
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The above Jpeg Image shot with a Samsung S6 Edge (Huawei's Leica Lens would project better but I've not thought of it as I was entangled with the food) is what Sandra wish her mother to get happy over Salmon fish. Bet you, I forked a portion of the Atlantic Salmon swiftly into my mouth and immediately my olfactory system recognizes and identify the smell which makes me wanting more. Not fishy, and it is somewhat thinly crispy for me to bites out the fragrance of aromatic roast or grilled while the salmon full-bodied remained tangy and juicy to keep the excellent source of high-quality protein, potassium, selenium and omega-3 for the eater.

BBQ Pork Ribs
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I guessed the BBQ Pork Ribs isn't very sticky when I seized the moments to photographed this image upon being laid onto the table by Alvin. Marinated and infused with ingredients unknown to me, I have discovered another way to enjoy pork-ribs. Now, there are 3 favorites on pork-ribs; one was fed by mum when I was a kid back in the 1960s and it is non-other than Sichuan Pork Ribs Soup. The second style of feasting on pork-ribs is for now, everyone love - the Bak Kut Teh. At XQ Western SteakHouse, I found the third.

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Not buttery but just moderately creamy, the salted-cured pork slices goes well with the Carbonara Spaghetti. My zest for Carbonara has taken me to taste the kitchens of Jonker Walk to Ujong Pasir and even to understand the distinctiveness of this spaghetti cuisine with a towering restaurant, XQ is above par.

Fresh Pumpkin Soup
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Dr. Theresa, a nutritionist has asked me to consume raw green pumpkin-seeds since 2008, and I have never dream of the super yummy fresh pumpkin soup I was spooning. If you asked me how I feel, I would rather leave it to you to tell me.

Chinese cuisine and western cuisine is well-known in the world that even if you might know little, you have heard about somewhere.

To me, this soup reminded me that the chef has retained the skills of the origin of Chinese cooking which he has infused with western culinary art, to delight guests.

Thanks, Ken, Alvin and Ally


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