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Tun was moving around silently after he relinquished his prime-ministerial duties for Malaysia on 31st October 2003 and I could still remember how Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz rushed forward to ask Dr. Mahathir, " Why ? Why ? "

I held my tears to became sober after thinking that Tun ought not to shoulder a national expectation at the age of 77 after much progress Malaysia has achieved during his 22 years term. The answer as to who could continue his vision shattered me.

Silence was broken when Tun quit UMNO in 2016 quoting that UMNO today is not the same as the UMNO which was founded in 1946.

6 years to 2020, Tun predicted that Malaysia might not be able to achieve the status of a developed country as his 30-year plan is not adhered to by his successor. As much as Tun was concerned with the progress of the Malays, he also wanted to make sure that the Chinese, the Indian and everyone, could move ahead as a whole. In 2014, Tun found out that our industry players are still unable to market their products and services into the international arena. Tun was sad. Has the Chamber of Commerce go to aide Tun then ?. [ Industry Player is a very influential person or group, a company or an individual in a particular industry ]

Things have gone from bad to worse, silent is no longer the word, " The Roar Has Come " even to Bukit Piatu, Melaka.

At Bukit Piatu on Friday 4th May 2018 bersamaan 18 Syaaban 1439, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz told the rakyat that our house roof has been blown away, the pillars is rotting, the doors and windows are being taken away, ... ... and the next thing, when Tun and Siti Hasmah come to stage, the screaming and the shouting of " Hidup Tun " and " Reformasi " demanded the surgical precision of Tun to cure ailing Malaysia. 

Indispensable ! Tun is a doctor in the August House for a second time and from today Malaysia is on the road to recovery. I love you, Tun !

Daniel Ong | Melaka | Sunday 20 May 2018 


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