One for all and all for one

No radio stations to listen to but to rely on what he read when he was a student, today he is the longest-standing  patriot to twice serve Mahathir, the jailor who who not only had put him but also Guan Eng as ISA detainees at Kamunting Detention Centres. Whatsapp has changed the way how news is read.

9 has been a special day. It was a day in August 1965 when Singapore was separated from Malaysia and it is a day in May 2018 that Malaysians woke up and objectively decided to let go of Barisan Nasional. Mothers were terribly worried during the racial riots of May 13, 1969 but today, mothers can now see a brighter future as their children show love to them this Sunday, May 13, 2018.

Born in Batu Pahat on February 20, 1941, his favorite poem which Kit Siang wrote come true after 61 years.

One for all and all for one
We care not what colour, creed or religion you belong
For isn't each of us Malaya's son
Then why let silly racial quarrels prolong ?

Malaysians, like you like me must appreciate him for he has endured the hardships few could accept and he has not been doing it for himself but for our country. While you might be celebrating your family reunion in restaurant in 1988, the only chance he had celebrated his reunion with his family was in the Taiping Hospital warded for treatment as ISA detainees. Kit Siang kicked started everything.

A second historic moment which empowered the rakyat decision to support Pakatan Harapan was when the genius Anwar Ibrahim and his wife Wan Azizah Ismail appeared in a DAP rally to show solidarity in the fight to get Guan Eng released back in September 1998. They became partner after.

Syed Akbar Ali has wrote on "Malaysia and The Club of Doom ~ The Collapse of The Islamic Countries" Penning his introduction at Bukit Jalil in 2006, Syed Akbar Ali highlighted as appended below to Malaysians in particularly:

" The devil promises
you only poverty
and exhorts you
to commit evil works
while God promises you 
forgiveness from Him
and blessings.
God is bounteous,
omniscient "
~ The Heifer 2:268

Another early reminder for Malaysians to save Malaysia was delivered by Tony Pua on 11 December 2010 to describe how the " Malaya Tiger that Lost its Roar " after being elected as the Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara in March 2008. Malaysians took the reminder lightly in GE 13 back in the year 2013. 

61 years of efforts to develop the nation seemed to have not benefited the rakyat and finally every extremely patience Malaysian waved a destructive tsunami which drowned not only Barisan Nasional but also Malaysian Chinese Association MCA, Malaysian Indian Congress MIC and Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia Gerakan.

Over the same period or almost 60 years of experience struggling with its bilingual education policy, Singapore has succeeded to focus on English and the Mother Tongue in developing from a former British colony into a united nation.

We are not late, we just begin.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has congratulated Tun Dr. Mahathir on being sworn in as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia who is serving the Office for a second time. Tun M 22 years as Prime Minister, had not only transformed Malaysia from an agricultural backwater into an industrial powerhouse but had also made the country to become the 17th largest trading nation in the world.

A Game of Forgiveness, enemies have become brotherhood, as if destined, for it is only with the wisdom of Tun Dr. Mahathir to reveal the Vision 2020 capsule.

At last, we can again hold our heads high.

Note :

I wish Tun Mahathir and his team every success, to appreciate Guan Eng (my secondary schoolmate) for his struggle to UBAH, respect his father Kit Siang on his untiring efforts over 14 general elections and of course, Tey Kok Kiew 

Melaka is now a HOPE/HARAPAN by Tn Hj Adly Zahari

Happy Mothers' Day

Daniel Ong Hian Hoe
Melaka 11 May 2018 9:19 a.m.
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