Old village, new era ... Sin See Tai

Sin See Tai fit this place. 18 Jalan Jawa, Melaka is a-must check-in place the next time you go to Melaka. I was there enjoying the new era food recipes, for the second time as you can see here :

A ' Mr. DIY ' or ' Daiso ' of the yesteryear, this old village is named Kampung Jawa and Sin See Tai has a reason to become a neighbourhood recently. [ The Malay Language for the word, Village is Kampung ] What they couldn't get from shop, they checked out in Kampung Jawa.

On the 3rd June 2017, Sin See Tai showed the Avocado Bacon Toast with homemade pickles and flovoured eggs and the following month, guests have been flowing in since 9th July.


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