How much it cost to take care of old persons

Young persons are energetic in work and can survive on their own and to say young Malaysians cannot live without the BR1M [ Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia ] may not be exact and precise. When money is given easily to the able young, and the givings is increasing, they may become greedy and lazy. Creativity, Industriousness and Talent would gradually become rare.

Young persons can work and must work not just to earn a living but to get wisdom as they grow as teenager to adulthood to parenting.

A greater nation is not who is the government but how the government is formed to foster wealth [ Wealth = Health + Financial Income + Education ] which is the energizing source to make a better community.

A family is a unit of a community and all communities come together to make a society. How the society is formed decide the future of a nation.

Old persons has only a small 5.1 % proportion of the population in Malaysia in the year 2000 while school going persons occupied 27.6 %.

The proportion of the working age population is 67.3 %

For easy calculation,

  • Fixed the BR1M at RM 1000 per recipient
  • 67.3 % of the population is recipient

You have to bank-in RM 1000 multiply by 67.3 to spend RM 67,300 [ Note 1 ] per year.

For easy caculation,
  • Fixed the BOT1M at RM 1000 per recipient [ Bantuan Orang Tua 1 Malaysia ]
  • 5.1 % of the population is recipent

You have to bank-in RM 1000 mutiply by 5.1 to spend RM 5,100 per year.

Say you bank-in every month to the old persons, you only spend RM 61,200 [ Note 1 ] per year.

When Note 1 is minus with Note 2, or RM 67,300 minus RM 61,200 , you can save RM 6,100 per year.


The Chinese chacracter for "filial piety" consists of 2 parts: the old and the young. The word is in fact a child carrying or supporting the aged parent with a loving relationship. A good family is the basis for a good society and a good society is the basis for a good nation.



Menghormati Ibu Bapa

Ibu bapa ialah insan yang paling penting dalam kehidupan kita. Jasa bakti mereka dalam membesarkan kita amatlah bernilai. Berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa dan berbakti kepada orang tua merupakan suatu proses membina keluarga baik dan sihat. Sebuah keluarga yang baik dan sihat ialah serupa satu unit rumahtangga dan semua keluarga menjadikan sebuah masyarakat. Sebuah masyarakat akan menentukan sebuah negara bermaju.


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