The Settlement Hotel treasure

-  guests, the staff, the government agencies, the social media community and many others, for their continuous dedication, encouragement and support.

Together, this hotel has been selected as the winner for the best hotel services; the Best 4-Stars Category Award for the year 2016/2017.

Through architecture and design, refined images projected an unique glamour of this hotel, located next to a existing settlement, as a result of King I, King of Portugal interest in Melaka.

Beside the factors of property location, variety and quality of food service, features and amenities; staff that puts all things together to create the best image and competitive position is most important in securing the Malaysia Tourism Award.

I love the Front Office. You must not overlook the Front Office when you enter a hotel because Front Office is hotel and there is where you are being impressed and pampered on first sight.

The hotel host an Appreciation Night on Wednesday 18th April 2018. Watch video.

I am lucky to see this medal of award on a close-up distance and I filmed the medal on two occasion; once during the Buka Puasa Preview and the second last night. I love this hotel and is proud of the friendly ties not just for me but to anyone who is checking it out.

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The pre-Magrhrib amazing brightness keeps changing as if it was managed by sophisticated Lighting Control Consoles and Dimmer Boards. By 7, I parked my car in the hotel's yard overlooking a lovely garden punctuated by attap leaves roofing suites.

Swiftly, I disappeared into a lift to the eyes of some courteous F & B staff who let me first and the noiseless ascend took me to the rooftop.

Smiles ripples to my direction as I walked to the welcome desk to sign-in and a door-gift is waiting for me.

Enough indoor and outdoor plants guided me to slices of assorted cakes where I filmed the first video clip as the toppings is of much delight and in harmony with the swaying green leaves and petals.

How could you resist to admire the soothing or rather the gentle calming effect of the bluish sky with dashes of white trails intermingling with cute little white cauliflower. [ The White Clouds before dusk has become tame and the bluish light interspersed by orange-precipitate radiance of the dipping sunset is a must for lover ]

I feel as if I was alone losing myself to the seductive atmosphere on the rooftop ambience synchronized by the maghrib dimming sky and the glowing city lights until my ears turn to Pauline as she call me not far behind my shoulder. She care to make sure I have my first bite of my favorite lamb ribs.

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Below image is good description of how the aplenty tropical fruits you must enjoy whenever you visit Malaysia.

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The shining hotel kitchen wares that housed fresh warm servings glitters and shines mirroring the twinkling lights above me. How I wish you were here.

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The nearest table is where I am heading to after taking this shot of a browny plant and it was at this table that Sin Siong, Yee Mei and three other gentlemen embraced me into a common interest. Sin Siong 走走吃吃好介绍 [ and ] is fascinated with food, and photography while Yee Mei 猫猫爱吃客 [ ] has one extra to that of Sin Siong; she blog.

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She must be a VIP.

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A table of social media from Kuala Lumpur and Melaka where I have got the opportunity to meet Mawardi Yunus [ and ]

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How sweet she stares into my ZEISS lens.

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Here, the six of them have become my girlfriend and boosted my rooftop experiences as we chat.

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Guess where is Sin Siong and Yee Mei ?

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Rammya is with Key Term Holiday and she is a happy to know I speak a little Tamil language as Mavis Ang and Minnie Thong from BMC Travel watches from the other end of the table.

Not surprising Asmaliana is as beautiful as she appears in facebook post from time to time and surely is a nice girl to keep in touch. Stella Tee gave me a teddy bear though she was busy taking shots of the event.

As Pauline send me to the lift, the singers, the chat goes on ... ... ...


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