Prana Chai has come to Melaka

Stay Curious at Sin See Tai

Chai Lattes ! Prana Chai is pretty good and you will love it !

After simmering for a few minutes, she strained my Prana Chai into a cup. I enjoy the black Ceylon tea, Australian Bushland Honey, cinnamon, cardamom, staranise, peppercorns, clove, fresh ginger ... check out The Prana Chai Story here

To make sure, I get my perfect Prana Chai, she checked the weight of each portion that got into the mug. Watch my Prana Chai on 37 seconds. I kind of love Prana Chai at Sin See Tai. Beside Prana Chai, there are other coffee recipes you can choose.

Also check out how tasty my waffle is, enriched with pumpkin seed, granola, dragon fruit, orange, ...

Try the Prana Chai and the waffle yourself at 18 Jalan Jawa, Melaka and come back to comment below this blog post. A very old shop, look for the signage, Coffee Dessert Food and Sin See Tai

As you tour the Jawa Village, remember Sin See Tai in contrast to a very old scenic village right in the center of the most busiest old town, in Melaka. [To me, Sin See Tai sound like Modern Times in Hokkien dialect]

My Prana Chai Latte at Sin See Tai

Notes to Kampung Jawa


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