Guang Fu Kong Temple, Melaka

This is how it started.

On 22nd day of 2nd lunar month, every Chinese would remember Guo Zhong Fu. He was born with divine quality in Fujian Province, China.

Because of his radiance facial appearance, his villagers called him Guang Fu. A filial son, he helped to provide extra earning by working for his mother's employer as a shepherd.

Guang Fu learnt to read and write from a geomancer hired by his employer.

Kindness made Guang Fu to inform the geomancer that his employer gave stale food to him during his need to recover from illness.

When the geomancer recovered from illness, he gave Guang Fu a choice to select from two different types of rewards. Between money and respect, Guang Fu selected respect.

So, Guang Fu and the geomancer acted on a few steps before they left the Yang family. (Divine steps of different manner for differentbperson are important to influence future events of that person)
He saw what the geomancer described about Nan Ann to him earlier and as usual he continued to acted on the duties of a son when he and his mother reached there.

After enlightenment and reincarnated, he told his worshippers of his wish to pay respect to his parents' grave yearly and his words is a practice today.

A worshipper wished her daughter could marry a man like the Lord and her wish came true but her husband a priest disagreed and magically flooded the current site of the Temple of the Phoenix Mountain.

I am so lucky to meet a Mr. Lim from Singapore who told me that the signs of divinity of the Lord. I am asked to check out the temple roof to observe its divinity. True enough, I see. [ Go and see for yourself ]

After noticing the signs, I could not understand why the signs keep on emerging though works was carried out to remove them. [ Mr. Ng told me ]

Mr. Lim told me there is written records of the deity and he arranged an English Language version of the story for me.

The 13 statues you see in the Temple of Pheonix Mountain are made of real and true red soil collected by the abbot upon hearing a new born crying.

The Song Emperor had witnessed how the Lord save his palace from being destroyed by fire.
The emperor and his imperial officials heard, " I am from the Pheonix Mountain of Nan Ann City. " after the Lord made the Empress Dowager recovered on the 7th day.

The emperor decorated the Temple of Pheonix Mountain with imperial weapons and golden bells.
The emperor's appreciative acts spread all over China and to every Chinese around the world.

Within South-east Asia, horses once stood on the hind legs bowing to the Lord's temple in Kuching, Sarawak.

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The filial piety in Chinese homes is possible when there are the old ones and the young ones living together to form a good family. Good families is the foundation for a good society and thus, good communities come together to build a good nation.

I was at the Jelutong Cemetery from 6:30 on Sunday morning to deliver respect to my father and mother. Upon returning home, my wife dropped me on Jalan Hang Tuah and thereafter sent my daughter, Danielle to Melaka Sentral to board her bus to Singapore.

I took a 5 minutes walk and arrived on Jalan Portugis to film my first clip on YB. Datuk Lim Ban Hong who was giving a speech. The crowd grew larger and larger. Mr. KP Lim, a Singaporean came near to say hello and he with his team of some 200 members in red t-shirts were ready for the grand procession. They are great people abiding to the Sheng Gong Culture - Singapore.

Rain water sprinkles a little while before the tongji conduct the rites and ritual shortly before 3:00 in the afternoon.

Please follow the rest of the happenings in this YouTube video.


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