Aromas @ Hatten City

Look at this Street View 360 taken at about 11 in the morning on Sunday 15 April 2018.

This image is taken on SkyDeck@Hatten City

This 360 image will rotate as you rotate your handphone.

You can also use your finger to slide the 360 image to the left or right.

I seized the moments on SkyDeck and was very engrossed with everything from the land to sea and up to the beautiful sky.

If you visit Taiwan, you would visit Taipei 101 right ? If you visit Melaka, SkyDeck@Hatten City give you the highest 360 panoramic view of Melaka.

I enjoy a resfreshment with the Aromas on Level 43 Hatten City.

My cup of Americano is super nice. My CupCake, the Red Velvet blend very well with the hot Americano. Watch the video below I filmed to share with you.

I felt so comfortable enjoying my refreshment with Aromas and the staff is friendly and courteous in serving me. I am lucky too, when Sebastian came over to make sure I have been pampered with an excellent and friendly hospitality. 

I know it will be difficult for me to get to enjoy a nice Americano and a nice cupcake at the price I paid, outside on the streets.

Check out yourself !

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