Crew Reunion of Quessant Agosta 70 Flotilla Submarine

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Saturday 10 March 2018

Have you visited the Submarine Museum in Melaka ?

Submarine Museum, Melaka

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Please tick whether you have visited, or you have not visited or you will be visiting in the poll above so that the museum authorities could study on the statistical figures collected to continuously develop the Submarine Museum as a better museum for your kids to get useful information and knowledge. It is hope that with the learning, kids could widen their educational understanding toward sea defense.

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As a Malaccan or Melakan ( or Anak Melaka in the Malay language ), and at age 58, I grabbed the chance to seize the moment yesterday. I am lucky to meet face to face with the royal commander KDR Ali Noor who was a crew member of the submarine and you can imagine how the submarine dive and stayed on ocean base when you see it for yourself at Klebang, Melaka. The crew members get-together for a reunion graced by The Honorable Datuk Wira Hjh. Norpipah Binti Abdol who is the Deputy Executive Councillor for Youth Development and Melaka Heritage and concurrently she is the Chairwomen of Melaka Museum. (PERZIM - Perbadanan Muzium Negeri Melaka)

Watch KDR Ali Noor's brief notes about the submarine HERE

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I enjoy the beautiful sea of whites (referring to the smart uniform of the navy staff) during the event and as the Friends of Melaka Museums, I get the benefits not just getting more educational knowledge of history from members in the FB Page of Friends of Melaka Museums, but also the benefit of their coming events I am joining.

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When Utusan Online listened to Y. Bhg Datuk Haji Khamis bin Haji Abas what he has got to say about the reunion, the submarine behind the navy staff as shown in the above photograph simply impressed me.

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I guess the tumeric rice above is prepared by one or two villagers of Taboh Naning because I have seen many patterns of that village culinary skills on this signature food no where you can find in Melaka, not even in restaurants !

Tomorrow, bring your kids to the Submarine Museum. Have fun while they learn.

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