Spark Alpine White – My first Drone

I buy a drone last Sunday 4th February 2018 from Fotokem Mahkota Parade. Desmond tore open the seal and unboxed the DJI SPARK.

With effect from the said date, SPARK will be used on special events within Melaka and you can enjoy how to seize the moment on this YouTube Channel.

On Sunday 11th February 2018, SPARK make its first debut within the Tun Fatimah Stadium, at Daerah Bukit Serindit, Melaka. See the video here. It is my first learning on how to fly SPARK and I am a beginner and is not good at handling SPARK today

DJI Spark image shot
by url

Each time, I uses SPARK to seize the moments and to gain more experiences, I will continue to update the video below until I attained enough flying quality.

So, please follow me and get updates of how to fly SPARK better !

Thursday 15 February 2018 - I peeled the protector sheet from the sensor and the camera, and I go fly the SPARK on Lorong Bukit Cina, Jonker Walk and The Court of Bravery. Watch here. There is an improvement compared to the first try.


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