How to make a different Sunday

February 4, 2018
The River Grill, Casa del Rio, Melaka

Sunday is a day almost everyone would take things easy, rest and relax at the comfort of the home. Yet there are many people working on Sunday dedicated to serve their customers and guests.

Some would wake up late on Sunday and some would go to churches. Practically, my wife and me would go to the wet market first thing in the morning to get food supplies enough for a week consumption. Then we packed breakfast for our children after we have ours near to the market. Unless there is something more important to attend to, we showed care to an elderly women who is near 90 of age.

Before noon clothing has been put to dry from the house front to the back along a 90 feet cable, cars washed, toilet and bathroom cleaned. Before the sun set, it is time to really rest and relax. Most Sundays of the 52 weeks are patterned that way.

It will be nice and meaningful when we changed the patterns of Sundays in between the weekends for a year.

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a nice Hi-Tea served by The River Grill at Casa del Rio on Taman Kota Laksamana, Melaka [ Link : The River Grill ] Reserved yours with +606 289 6888 It was so comfortable and I feel pampered.

To watch Chef William doing the Chicken Quesadillas is nice, what more eating it. The molten coated Marshmallow is yummy. The dishes are excellently positioned to let diners scoop or grab the food onto their plates. Watch more what you can eat here.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner for you hurry up to book the Spring Festival package with Casa del Rio and enjoy complimentary dinner buffet or High Tea Buffet. For more information, log onto their website at or call +606 289 6888

The Marshmallow I like. Image shot
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Beautiful Lobby with Chinese Lanterns. Image shot
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Guests dining during Hi-Tea. Image shot
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I met Chef William here. Image shot
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Diners making noodle of their style. Image shot
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Wide range of food. Image shot
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Quesadillas !. Image shot
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