D. O. M Benedictine for my wife

A one liter liqueur, this a 1898 The Treasures Of The Palace and a product of France.
The incredible story of Benedictine D.O.M begins in Fécamp in Normandy, France, where it is said that a benedictine monk Dom Bernardo Vincelli, would have created elixir in 1510 that would become famous for the years to come.
350 years later, Alexandre Le Grand, a merchant and collector of religious art, discovered the recipe in its collection.
Intrgued by his discovery and after many attempts, he successfully recreated the mysterious liqueur that he called Bénédictine D.O.M.
To house his precious liqueur, Alexandre Le Grand decided to have a palace-cum-factory built to represent the glory of his Bénédictine.
In 1898 the Palace opened its doors, and this Limited Edition is a tribute to this flamboyant monument where Bénédictine is still produced today, and to the beautiful stain-glass windows that are decorating it.
Buy a D.O.M today and discover the secret !
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