Aging Skin + Vitamin C = Healthy Skin

Over time and with daily oxidative exposure, skin develops deep lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture and dullness.

With Vitamin C. 10.5 percent of Pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) absorbed into skin and starts working immediately upon contact. 2 percent Vitamin Cg (Ascorbyl Glucoside) activates once absorbed into the upper-layers of skin forming L-Ascorbic Acid to boost Vitamin C activity over time.

After that, a healthy shine again when the lines and wrinkles are visibly diminished. Radiance is improved and the skin texture is noticeably smoothed. The time taken for result is immediate for radiance smoother skin, 2 weeks for reducing lines and wrinkles and 4 weeks for visibly reduced deep-set wrinkles.

While skin cells do not have the ability to produce Vitamin C, the ingredient is an essential part of collagen production. Therefore, in addition to eating a diet rich of the potent anti-oxidant, it is important to apply a topical Vitamin C to return skin to a healthy state and reduce the appearance of aging.

Vitamin C products are not only for those who are looking for solutions to correct signs of aging, but also those who want to prevent the aging process from starting early. Vitamin C is one of the best known anti-oxidants, protecting skin against UV damage caused by free radicals. So, Vitamin C is for all skin types, and is for all ages.

It is true that not all Vitamin C’s are created equal. Kiehl’s expertise in Vitamin C had led them to additional forms of the ingredient. They choose which Vitamin C to use based on specific skincare benefits of each form. Together, Pure Vitamin C and Vitamin Cg are a stabilized and powerful demonstration of formula efficacy.

When sourcing ingredients, Kiehl’s always searches for those with powerful skincare efficacy. However, we are mindful to utilize the right ingredients at the most beneficial concentration. By keeping the concentration of Vitamin C balanced and stable, formula experience and application is optimized. In this case, more does not equal better every time.

I am using Youth Activator. I am going to use Kiehl's next time !
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