Why must I visit the Naning Museum

Why did the British launched their attack in 1831 with two mismanaged and costly campaigns before the Company’s forces seized Tabuh, the capital of Naning. The expensive Naning War cost about £100,000.

The people of Naning at that time is of Minangkabau descent and they planted rice, cultivated Sirih and bred cattle. I have heard from the Malay friend that the girls Was the harvest attractive or the refusal of the Naning chief to submit to sovereign of the British made the war?
Naning lying inland to the north of Melaka had been part of Negeri Sembilan until 1832 when it was defeated.

Because of the past influence as a Negeri Sembilan territory, the game Batu Seremban is being played within Naning. A girls game, I have seen my wife’s sisters playing in their Bertam Village home 3 decades ago, not knowing where the game’s origin. How to play? Watch here.

Another game for girls, Congkak is a piece of teak wood with 16 holes and some more, encourages mental calculation. How to play? Watch here.

Watch other games – Teng Teng, Galah Panjang, Tembak Getah and the art of weaving Anyaman Daun Ketupat.

You would be able to watch the video after I shoot the event tomorrow. So please come back after Saturday 3 Jan 2018, where the One Day With Community is taking place within the Naning Museum.


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