The chair must not be touched or moved ...勇全殿殿建丁酉科五朝羅天大醮


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The feasting is going on. The prayer is conducted. And the chairs must not be touched because the deities are seated. The Wangkang heritage performed by this temple was listed under the National Heritage Act 2005. This temple is named Yong Chuan Tian Temple, located on Bandar Hilir Road for 200 years already.

The 5 days prayers from Thursday 28 December 2017 to Monday 1 January 2018, include gods from several temples in northern peninsular Malaysia and a temple from Fujian, China.

In welcoming the new year, a feast is devoted to all visiting gods and all dishes offerings are carefully, cooked and presented in favor to the expectations of the deities. The chairs for the deities are arranged around a long table with incense paper and they are not to be touched while the Sai Kong conduct the rites and ritual according to ancient Taoism procedures.  This same event was previously performed in 1926. It has been 92 years since.

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Last night, a procession emerged from the temple premise and reached the shore of the Straits of Melaka beside the Hatten Place to invite the Ongyah who take seat on the sedan chair back to the temple before midnight. Again, the sacred chairs move and form Chinese characters along the journey the procession take.

Look at the dishes offerings and the finest ancient culinary cooking skills never would you be able to see on any ordinary times.

A plate of lobsters is placed in the centre near to the altar followed by a roasted pig flanked by a chicken and a duck. Accompany them are crabs and prawns, raw gingers, duanyuan and glasses of liquor. Typical of the imperial feasting of emperors, the feasting today is not a common one, not even the riches has dine in a restaurant.

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