Why you must visit the Melaka Sultanate Museum

Second World War and before was a fate for Melaka and the Melaka Sultanate has an empire, famous to the west and the east. Even till today, the Daulat of a ruler has to be respected.

The Sultan had his officials :

  • The Bendahara (a road name still exist today where the IBIS Hotel is located)

  • The Penghulu Bendahari

  • The Temenggung (a road name still exist today where the Sterling Boutique Hotel is located)

  • The Laksamana (a road name still exist today where this road lead you to the Stadhuys)

  • The Syahbandar (an area name still exist today where modern landscape is taking shape within Kota Syahbandar.
and others.

The Bendahara had a task similar to that of a Prime Minister while the Penghulu Bendahari was in charge of finance.

The wisdom of " A picture tell a thousand words " guide us to see to understand better. The Melaka Sultanate Museum or Muzium Istana Kesultanan Melaka housed a complete scenario with figurines make an imprint in every visitor mind. 

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