Who is performing The Vessel in MAPFest 9

Mike Hornblow

He has an interdisciplinary background in dance, performance art, video, architecture, design and philosophy.

His art practice and curatorial experience has focused on site-specific and multicultural contexts, with residences and festivals including Asialink, Global Studio Johannesburg, Australia Indonesia Institute, Melbourne Festival, and the International Symposium on Electronic Art.

Mike was co-creative director of the inaugural Melaka Festival in 2009, and co-curator of its 2010 Visual Arts program, while performing in both as well as in 2014.

He currently works as a Senior Lecturer in Digital Technologies in Design and Art at the University of Tasmania, where he is also a research associate of the Creative Exchange Institute.

Ploy Kasama Yamtree

She is a community architect based in Bangkok, working in the fields of knowledge management, community architecture and development. Ploy uses participatory processes, involving different areas of knowledge such as design, art, architecture, planning, communication, gaming, environment, public health, and climate change.

She has been producing community engagement projects across Thailand, connecting with locals and bringing out the hidden and forgotten potentials of people and places.

She runs Openspace, a community development studio that works with people across Thailand and Asia. She loves to build things by herself and with community builders, as this leads to self-empowerment to create and experiment with all ideas and interests.

Benjamin Allen

He is a Tasmanian-based artist, developing his site-specific practice from a movement background in parkour, freerunning, bboying, contemporary dance and martial arts tricking.

Benjamin’s work seeks to find site-response interdisciplinary expression through his eclectic movement history, exploring topics in architectural theory and body politics.

Benjamin also directs, facilitates and choreographs Tasmania/Queensland group Hybrid Elements; a broad collective of young contemporary dancers, hip-hop dancers, traceurs, free-runners, trickers, b0boys, musicians and tumblers.

Currently, he is studying architecture at the University of Tasmania.

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