Monorail will show you this part of Melaka ...

The boats berthed on the northern bank of the river before dawn, and even when first light breaks the darkness, a few boats still kept coming in from the Straits waters. Such was the scenes for many years when I had carried vegetable, chicken, fish and meat for my mum during festive as she adhered strictly to traditional values.

Each time on my trip there, I noticed the unique houses of Kampung Morten proudly complementing the swaying branches of plants and trees dancing alongside the rhythm of the splashing water flowing downstream of the Melaka River or Sungai Melaka, in Malay language. The village name is named after Ferdinand Morten who had relocated the folks who were living in Kampung Jawa during earlier days. Do you know why Morten relocated the people from Kampung Jawa to Kampung Morten ? Check out the reasons as you slowly digest the immense heritage of Kampung Morten slowly at a speed of 8 km per hour provided by the monorail. Find out the location to board the monorail here.

Godowns were located along the southern riverbank parallel to Casa del Rio with the river bonding them as a home, truly as new and old objects to this heritage city. For your knowledge, the godown is still there. Similar godowns were built next to Kampung Morten and these godowns is an evidence to the facts that goods were promoted by traders from the west to the east.

Though early industrialization was born on Jalan Tukang Besi, proper manufacturing only started on Jalan Kilang after independence. The monorail gives you an air-view ride along the industrial site soon transforming into a themepark. When the Jalan Kilang or Industry Road began, none knew there will be a Batu Berendam Free Trade zone, the Ayer Keroh Industrial area, or the Bukit Rambai Industrial area.

I am just briefly writing about only two locations which represented a small portion of the 25 minutes ride the monorail is covering. I thought I wanted to touch on more locations but by writing, I believed I can’t make you feel the exact excitement and the fun, when you are in the cabin of the monorail.

From years of observation, I see followers would prefer to watch the whites take the lead in trying new technology, the electrical-technology in this respect, but the Chinese is paving the recent trends as takers of new technology. Why don’t you begin your first ride from Stesen Tun Ali ?

Get a Preview Here !

You will find the below paragraphs in the Monorail brochures :

Development Proposal Phase 2 and Phase 3

A variety of attractions will be developed within the monorail track in the near future featuring the theme park development Phase 2 and Phase 3 where the details are as follow -

  1.  Indoor Theme Park
  2. Outdoor Theme Park
  3. Dinosaur Theme Park
  4. Street Art Theme Park
  5. 3D Trick Art Gallery
  6. Hologram Studio
  7. Dinosaur Tunner - Visual and Sound
  8. War Zone Tunnerl - Visual and Sound
  9. Fireflies View
  10. Jungel Tunnerl
  11. Laser and Led water-light-screen and sound
  12. 3D electronic-Light Show
  13. Railway Cafe

See these places before changes or you will never how it was after the places have been transformed.


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