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There is no doubt that some chefs are born more able than others and if you are among them, then share your specialty with people around you because an abundance of happiness will comes to you and your customers. You could make foodies happy over every meal.


Melaka has its signature laksa already and in each bowl, there is much chilly paste added, coconut milk, portion of an boiled-egg and several daun kesum. And Melaka's laksa is more inclined to the Javanese-cum-Nyonya cooking method.

My daughter, Danielle suggested to me that we should try the real Penang Asam Laksa cooked by a Penangite. I am eager to taste my first bowl of the signature cuisine of Penang Food housed in 641, Jalan Melaka Raya 10, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka. Please click on the address to google you to this restaurant.

Danielle told me that the chef has been trained in Penang for a period of time and the newly created recipe which is the Home-made Prawn Cracker is a superstar-ingredient added to the norm of such laksa bowls on Penang streets.

Go to Penang! and check out what the locals would tell to eat? Of the many popular street-foods, Penang Asam Laksa is probably the Number One you would hear about.

Before your bowl of Penang Asam Laksa arrived on your table, a lot of work is done; shredding mackerel, taming the red chilly, quality-controlling the slurpy white rice noodles, cucumber, sliced pineapples, onions, lettuce and the mint leaves steeped within the asam base, is what many doesn't know about. Sweet, sour and proper-spiced portions together as one dashes the enriched original taste of every Penangite favourite within each spoon right into your mouth to the verdict of the taste-buds.

Perhaps you are excited to check out this bowl immediately, but before I continue to write, please check out the location on Google Maps and watch a YouTube Preview.

I never thought of taking this video as my Sony 4K HDR Handycam battery level is below 20 minutes after I have used it with full level from 7.15 am on the JOM! 动起来  团结势更强 嘉年华会  马六甲 organized by the Malaysian Chinese Assembly in SRJK (C) Yu Ying, Jalan Bukit Godek and from 11.00 am on the Aborigine Cultural Dance Performance in the History & Ethnography Museum organized by the Melaka Museum [ PERZIM ]

The cup of Ice-Blended Han's Red Bean is creamy when it melts further under my palate and above the tongue emitting a seedy fragrant which encourages more scoops to make.

Sandra ate the White Curry I have yet to try. When I first heard of White Curry, I was eating Teochew Fish Porridge with my wife within the Wang Food Court, next to the Sentral Hotel on Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, Melaka and that was about 2 1/2 month ago. My primary classmate, Pang is the one who first introduced White Curry to me and he asked me to try it with a restaurant opposite Giant Supermaket.

My wife enjoyed her Penang Kueh Tiaw Soup which is not the same as those I used to order in Melaka. Danielle like the taste of the Tamaring Rice with Chicken Rendang to which me and my wife take sample of it to agree the nice taste of the rendang paste and the well-done Nasi-Kunyit.

Jeff, De cleared his Penang Asam Laksa bowl like me and Loong picked up every strand of Bee Hoon like Sandra while my wife ponder over the minced meat within her Kueh Tiaw Soup. 

Please comment below about this blog post after you try ! If you like the original Penang Food served by a Penangite who graduated from the Multi-Media University, please share this blog post with others and also show the YouTube Preview to them. Do not forget to subscribe the Melaka YouTube Channel HERE to get new video each and every week.

Thank you! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 

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