2018 New Year Message

Dear everyone,

What Melaka YouTube Channel share is for the interest of everyone; the Melaka people, Malaysians, and the world.

The event could be popular. The food can be yummy. The heritage may be rare. But the old kingdom reliving her glory is inscrutable and is not far from you. Melaka is just like that kingdom.

This channel keep on working for everyone without calculating about the efforts and time spent. This channel has the ability to nourish holiday makers on how they like to plan their stay in Melaka.

All the videos in this channel only show the substances of activities, and it is only at the stillness of the remnants where you can feel the greatness of what was lost or is no longer there. Though the small State of Peninsular Malaysia, named after a tree, Melaka, limit your need to stay longer, your desire know no bounds to discover fabulous Melaka.

In enjoyment of food, you could never get over-indulged till one’s sense of taste is impaired because food taste vary significantly from Portuguese kitchen to Peranakan kitchen.

A river that nourish a civilization which is the same as everywhere, Melaka is uncommon in the sense where visitors had once created an eighty-four languages societal of the past. Believe it or not, you decide.

May you visit Melaka and look again at Melaka differently.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thank you.

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