Sante Crunchy Banana

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Sante Crunchy Banana

Today I picked up a box of 40g x 5 Bars, a musli bar with chocolate coating cereal musli with bananas produced by Sante A. Kowalski sp. J., ul. Jagiellonska 55A, 03-301 Warszawa, Poland.
This is the first time I try these bars for breakfast and it has the following nutritions:

Per Serving of 40g          

Energy 5.6g (Saturated 2.8g)
Carbohydrate 26.8g (Sugar 11.3g)
Fiber 1.8g
Protein 2g
Sodium 0.08g

The ingredients are oat flakes, corn flour, corn grits, rice flour, raisins, banana puree, coconut flakes and traces of peanuts, other nuts and milk.

Sante Crunchy Bar Banana with chocolate covered is a rolled oats-based cereal product with addition of corn mean, coated by delicious dessert chocolate.

It is characterized by high content of carbohydrates providing energy and dietary fiber regulating digestion.

It contains vitamins like copper and magnesium.

In Sante Crunch bar white sugar was replaced by flovoursome cane sugar. Sante Crunch bar is a balanced nutritious snack for every day whether you are at work, in school or when travelling.
Don’t worry! The bars do not have preservatives, no artificial colouring, no trans fat, no cholesterol and it is a source of fiber with natural flavouring.

The next time, I am going to try the Plum with Vanilla Coating to be followed by Nut & Almond with Chocolate Coating.

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Watch a video I made with my son taking the first bite of the crunchy banana musli.


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