I thought I have ate the best Bee Hoon

The last time I stop-over in Durian Tunggal to find food was in 1979 when I followed a lorry to Segamat one early morning to collect raw rubber. I could remember the steam bread with butter and kaya was very nice. The coffee was so delicious. It was still dark when the lorry pulled to the side for the breakfast before proceding the journey to Segamat.

Today I planned to visit three places. One is the Tastefully Food and Beverage Expo, second is the Mega Home Electrical and Home Fair and thirdly, The Touch City.

I left Melaka International Trade Centre at about 2 p.m. and reached Durian Tunggal’s town main road at about 2.30 p.m. Most of the eateries suitable to my taste have closed except one.

I did not know that this shop served the best Bee Hoon in town until the customers told me when I read the Chinese Newspaper cutting on the wall. A family of three generation, shared table with me and they confirmed this is the shop which served the best Bee Hoon.

Have you try ?


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