Horlicks - The Great Family Nourisher

I will usually get the 400g pack original since 2013.

Horlicks give me :

1. Vital nutrients to help me perform well in my work which uses tactful and quick imagination and arithmetic.

2. Continuous supporting minerals to rebuild my energy for each day to obtain 100% mapping and nesting in creating a working program for the machine.

The great taste of Horlicks is more nutritious today than the goodness of malted barley, wheat, and milk when my mother made this nourishing drink from 1966 onwards. At that times, Horlicks is bottled and I can still remember she uses the empty bottles to contain the homemade "Peranakan" or "Nyonya" Acar.

Every morning, I drink a mixture of these :

A. Horlicks
B. Flaxseed
C. Milk
D. Oats

How about you ?


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