Get your old man young again?

There are two or three 3D fun sites within Melaka and I have been pondering whether it is worthwhile to visit one?

This type of fun isn’t new since it has been around for some time but if you have not been to one, you have got to visit this museum at least once. Some may visit twice or more when they have to bring their visiting friend from outstation.

The biggest 3D interactive Art Museum in Malaysia is in Langkawi and it takes 21,000 square feet of built-up space. Magic Art 3D Museum is the second biggest. I am 57 but I feel young interacting with the arts. I meet a woman and her daughter with three kids after entrance and I noted that her mother enjoyed the interactive fun and was smiling when she posed for the camera.

Who say old people doesn’t want to have fun? Earlier I thought it is a place for the young only.

You can take photograph of yourself creatively!

G13, G15, & G16 Bayou Square
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
Bukit Katil,
75450 Melaka.
Telephone: +606 231 1604


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