As long as Merdeka

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Mild slitting with incisors, a little tongue flip and mild-sucking is all you need when you savor the home-made long brewing.

Prepared by a half-Chinese half-Portuguese woman, she served this porcelain-bowl at RM3.00 only.

After a routine Saturday-walk from 9, I would break here for refreshment.

Can you see at the far-end which I have sharpened; a 200 years old temple in Melaka. Together with Tee Hoo Ong Yah in Fujian, China, a seeking is in progress with UNESCO for  a heritage listing.

If not for this Imperial General who had drunk the water from the river, the Tong'an tribe could have been wiped out.

Note the Tee Hoo Ong Yah face's color after you try the chicken feet.

For Melakan buddies, .... guess where is this place, I am savoring the chicken feet now.

(Hint: It was a former Church's place)

A liitle history. 

I asked the sister of the owner of this coffee shop, " How long has this coffee shop being operating? " She smiled with this, " When I was a small girl, my father started the coffee brewing ... 60 years ago"

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