Would Meizhou’s Mazu visit Melaka again ?

Mazu visit to Melaka is a mission longer than life.

15 countries are neighbors to China and China’s water is beautified by some 5,000 islands; in one of them, Lin Mo was born. By Nov 1, 2000, China’s population is one fifth of the world’s total. The most graceful lake under heaven is within the Taihu Lake while Hainan Island let you enjoy a tropical scenery.

Water Transport is the early mode for the Chinese to move about within China and China’s water transport has a very very long history. Chinese rivers and coastal waters are busy highways, with junks and sampans scudding in and out between larger ships.

Seven times, Admiral Zheng He travelled to Xiyang over a period of 30 years from 1405 to 1433 and 5 times he reached the shores of Melaka. Today, China ports are making shipping routes active and lively to more than 150 countries; 5 times more of the 30 countries, Zheng He established contact. Zheng He was appointed by the Ming emperor, Zhu Di, as the imperial envoy in command of the expedition to the west seas.

Mazu’s travel to Nanyang begins a new march of the maritime Silk Road as can be seen from the beautifully dressed ladies from Meizhou, China in this video. The magnificent Mazu Temple at Meizhou Island is the birthplace of Lin Mo of the Song Dynasty. She was sublimated as the Queen of Heaven and as the patron of navigators after her death. Tien-how-Kung or the Queen of Heaven temple is the root of the architectural feature of a Chinese structure with its carved and lacquered eaves. Its ornamentation of dragons and other figures held by the most satisfying artistic device shall withhold your breadth for a moment.

Before Zheng He sailed on his last voyage, he offered his sacrifices to Mazu in Meizhou. This week, the oldest wooden carving in existence in China, the Mazu of Song Dynasty visited Kuala Lumpur on the July 1 and July 2, Melaka July 3 and July 4 and Singapore July 5 and July 6 before returning to Meizhou on Friday 7 July. China is going to sail to Melaka with a new deep seaport is ready, a symbol of a new march of the maritime Silk Road.

Through Silk Road, China has established diplomatic relationships with various nationalities and Mazu’s visit to Malaysia and Singapore is a milestone which tell the world, a new march of the maritime Silk Road has begin. Mazu’s has boarded a flight on business class to Nanyang whereas Zheng He embarked his first voyage with ships in 1405. Mathematically, it is 612 years since. [ 2017 – 1405 ]

By early next year, 2018, the Melaka’s Impression City is set to stage a replay a magnificent show directed by Zhang Yimou and that event would be a second gigantic impression make by China for Melaka.

Silk products found their way to Europe through the Silk Road as early as 2,000 ago, after China has raised silk worms 4,000 years ago.

Unexpectedly, China transformed herself into an industrial giant after the Chinese liked the slogan, “ 20 years in a day ”

Once enemies, the dragons and the lions played together in harmony when Meizhou’s Mazu inspected the roads and streets beginning from Heng Ann Association through Jalan Laksamana Zheng He, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Jalan Hang Tuah, Jalan Tranquerah, Jonker Street, Jalan Kota, Jalan Merdeka, Jalan Parameswara and Jalan Thamby Abdullah.

I have to thank Roger Sim who invited me to participate with this historic event by the fact that the statue of Mazu is the oldest wood-carving in China, a remnant of a 1,000 years after Lin Mo’s death.

Because of 2 historic events [one, Zheng He expeditions; two Mazu visit], the Chinese from China will think of Melaka first, then Kuala Lumpur.

Will Mazu visit Melaka again ?

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Source : http://www.straitstimes.com/sites/default/files/articles/2017/07/06/bp060717_mazu.jpg

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