What do I seek by walking in Melaka?

Good morning !

My walk begins by nine and the sun was shining cheerfully. 300 feet away from my starting point, I saw the uncle who has been walking at least an hour a day for almost 50 years. He fell ill a year or two ago, went into an old folk home but is back to walk again. I seek to reaffirm that walking is a good exercise.

10,000steps a day towards good health is recommended by the Health Ministry and good health is what every person wanted, we seek.

Thereafter, I crossed the road and soon reached the Banda Hilir rumah awam area, where I saw the galvanized iron railing on both sides of a big drainage. The railing is a safety item to prevent kids and old persons from falling into the drainage but not well done as there is a missing of one or two sets here and there. In work, we seek diligent.

After the Pay Fong School 2, the skyline over the left, near to the vanished Garden City, has become beautiful with Double Tree by Hilton and Hatten Place coloring the sky day or night. When darkness takes over daylight, two stripes of white-color light makes a Love-M-Shape across the sky. The view of Melaka from the skydeck@HATTENCITY must be nice. Getting excited about the new attractions and waiting for their openings, but makeing a few steps ahead in the walk, Rosa Melaka is prominently charming me to dwell within its creative design. In rest, we seek joy.

A beautiful girl in full suit, with the familiar yellow logo of the Hatten Place on the jacket, prompted me that Hatten Place is opening soon. She is waiting for her friend to pick her to work, I guess.

The thought was interrupted by the next attraction of a 200 years old temple. The deity Tee Hoo Ong Yah built his home on 195 Parameswara Road in the year 1818 A.D. When you enter the temple to discover more, make sure you check out his face. His face is an evident of the effect of the poison in the water he drank. To save the people of Tong’an and to convince them not to drink water from the poisoned river, he drank and died. The Jade Emperor bestowed him a Ong Yah on his good deed he did. In the walk, heritage is unfold, and as such I wish good luck to this temple’s effort in the application to UNESCO to declare Yong Chuan Tian as a listed site.

On the opposite of The Court of Perfect Bravery, the Saturday Ice Café is packed and I remember, once Ella of the Taiwanese singing group, SHE order the Cockle Rice Noodle. Her husband must have introduced this street food to her.

The next few rows of plank houses is an area supplying the most bean sprout for Melaka once. A bigger drainage separate these houses with Convent Holy Infant Jesus. I find that walking along the stretch for a distance same as the fencing for this girl school unsafe. Tourist would like to walk along this stretch from Hotel Equatorial to Saint John’s Hill and to Portuguese Settlement but there is no walking space except on the road itself. Once awhile, I have to slide in on seeing an oncoming bus to avoid any risk.

For the future generations, the piece of land occupy by Equatorial Hotel was formerly a Road Transport Department office where my driving was tested in 1977. A bakery sat on the second shop on the other side of the Koon Cheng Road that divide the hotel and the bakery shop. That road lead you to Malacca High School.

A police officer watched the area under a canopy tent and the Dataran Megamall is about to open at 10. The Majlis Perbandaran Bersejarah Melaka’s parking lots on the street were empty and is shaded from direct sunlight from the surrounding buildings.

Saint Francis Institution, Banda Hilir English and Sacred Heart Convent; three every old schools remain unchanged. Next to them is the Independence Memorial (formerly occupied by The Malacca Club), a spot every Malaysian must see to remind self of the hard work put in by the past leaders who had struggled for their country. Come August 31, 2017 Malaysians celebrate their Independence Day but how many know the past sacrifices?

Every year, since 2012, I witnessed the Independence National Day parade and put parts of it with YouTube so that the younger Malaysians can replay those videos as references. Next month, Thursday 31, August 2017, I will try to make several momentous short Live videos. If you are interested, please click on the word "Live" and standby to watch.

The A’Famosa Fort is a world’s heritage. The remaining structure is a proof for anyone to talk about the history in the era when Admiral Zheng He visited Melaka and when the colonial masters governed Melaka. Check out A’Famosa via the StreetView

The only Merdeka Parade that marched passes many historical buildings is in Melaka when you checked it out yourself on Jalan Kota. The People's Museum. UMNO Museum.

The Chinese people seemed to be nonstop coming in to Melaka and they come in big groups. They are here, there … everywhere. This walk takes me to Flor de la Mar and they are there too with their guides carrying an identification of their travel companies to lead their ways through busy areas on both banks of the Melaka’s river. As the days goes by, I see more and more Chinese citizen in Melaka on weekends.

School goings children from Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Jalan Davidson moved two by two and halted on a corner of the Tan Kim Seng Bridge. The school teachers told them that the Melaka River was once a very busy river where junks keep sailing in from the Straits of Melaka.

Teachers and pupils [2 buses]
from SRJKC Jln Davidson exploring Melaka's history
Photograph Of About Blog

Teachers and pupils [2 buses]
from SRJKC Jln Davidson exploring Melaka's history
Photograph Of About Blog

Teachers and pupils [2 buses]
from SRJKC Jln Davidson exploring Melaka's history
Photograph Of About Blog

The teachers told me that this is their second trip to Melaka. Teachers throughout Malaysia should make educational trips for school beginners to discover how their past leaders struggled for the country. Impressing them at a young age would be effective to make them patriotic as their minds are more receptive in appreciating past sacrifices.

A Prudential group was shouting their team's slogan while their teammate made a recording of their freestyles in front of the Hard Rock Cafe on the opposite side of the bridge. Their charismatic teamwork diverted my attention on the SRJKC Jalan Davidson school teams to them.

In white with the red logo of Prudential reminded me of the previous teams outings to make unique group presentations for their timeline.

Within that spot, I seek to know a new knowledge that a new type of visitor Melaka has welcomed. Melaka with her beautiful historical sites is not only a tourist go-after but is also for many industries to creatively add value to their products and services.

Since China is beginning to relive the Silk Road, companies can make their business plan now to participate in the development of a new economic march. The signal for development is very clear when Meizhou Mazu (Watch Here) begin to travel to Nanyang by calling upon Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Singapore.

As the Prudential team rushed onto the Dataran Sungai Melaka, my focus goes back to the teacher and the kids. They led me to Zheng He Museum. After listening to the teacher briefing about the busy river of the old kingdom, (Kesultanan Melaka), the Zheng He Museum situated next to the river must probably has a link to history.

I do a 360 Street View to Google Maps for Zheng He Museum, and the neighboring sites; San Shu Gong, Chong Wah Kopitiam, and H & M before checking out the fun within Dutch Square.

The Rela who patrol the area take care of tourist safety and advised me to use the pedestrian crossing and the idea of two things the pedestrian crossing can improve come out from the street feelings.

One, the pedestrian crossing road-marking can be extended from the Victoria's Fountain border to the Tourist Information Office.

Two, solar-powered warning lamp-flasher (like those out up around schools areas) can be erected to remind vehicle users to give priority to pedestrians who crosses on green-light. Such considerate acts by vehicle users would give a good impression to foreign tourists that we have good mannerism on the roads.

With these two facilities provided, bulk crossing is created to reduce intermittent crossing that caused frequent traffic halts. This in turn, will reduce the distance to traffic queue which is lining the roads from the Dutch Square to Jalan Munshi Abdullah-Jalan Bendahara intersection.

Hopefully, the action if done; could reduce carbon monoxide production of the queuing vehicles and improve the flow of vehicles.

My next stop of wonder is the Saint Paul's Church. Within the ruined church, a Melakan singer, Su Huei based in Beijing is to perform a concert later in the afternoon. What a creative idea, the producer has !

Making way from the A'Famosa Fort and using the Jalan Parameswara to divert onto Jalan Chan Koon Cheng, I feel a need to capture a 360 on Malacca High School Street View on Maps for former pupils who has resided in many places all over the world. They can enjoy a latest view of their alma mater on Google Maps.

My last stop for this walk is The RuckSack.

So, if you prefer, walking in Melaka is an enjoyable experience but you have to take a least three days to make a not only a casual walk but also a walk to really see Melaka better.

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