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The Book Of True Love

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return. – Antoine De Saint- Exupery

The Ultimate Symbol of True Love – The magical combination of a ring and a diamond was given as an engagement ring in Italy in 1503. Today, centuries later, the diamond ring is the most recognized symbol of true love.

Magnificent, rare and thoroughly unique, the True Love diamond from Belgium is the quintessential diamond for an engagement ring. Its precise perfection in proportions, symmetry and polish unleash breathtaking fire, life and brilliance, giving it its exceptional beauty like no other.

“ Certified by the world’s highest grading standards, True Love diamonds are graded with the highest possible rating for the overall proportions, polish and symmetry by 3 of the world’s most established and reputable independent gemology laboratories in America and Belgium. Only the highest achievable cut grading standards across these laboratories are selected to be a True Love diamond. ” -
Marc Brauner CEO of IGI.

For the one who made you realize, fairytales do exist.

The True Love classic diamond collection presents a range of exclusive settings, enhancing the beauty and elegance of each True Love diamond. Be mesmerized by the magnificence and splendor of the diamond of perfection. Designed to be cherished for a lifetime, or even passed on to a new generation.

Wedding Bands – The ultimate pair of bands for your one true love

True Love Belgium

Sparkling with luminosity and brilliance of the distinctive True Love diamond, these bands are exchanged as the ultimate pledge of love. This signature collection of masterful creations is only for the connoisseurs of time-honored tastes.


The Momento collection is a sophisticated collection with modern sensibility. Its bold contours and visible forms enhance its confidence and charismatic presence. Momentous of his bold proposal, her exhilarated and poised acceptance, this ring is as exceptional as the moment it signifies.


Immortalise your love with the Romanzo wedding bands. Crafted in platinum, the sleek and elegant bands speak of eternal love and romance. Be enthralled with the Romanzo collection that signifies forever togetherness.

Wedding Set – A diverse range ideal for creating an ensemble worthy of the most unforgettable occasion.

Inspired by the world’s most romantic city, its circular graceful lines pay tribute to love’s refined elegance. For life’s most precious moments.

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