The Dragon’s eyes are watching

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As old as the temple, the dragon’s eyes have been watching ever since Tee Ong Yah reached Melaka some 200 years ago with four other Ong Yahs. The Ong Yahs oversee peace and prosperity for Melaka. Tee Ong Yah hailed from Maxiang Tong’an, a district of Xiamen City in Fujian Province.

According to legend, Tee Ong Yah was an imperial official who when visiting Tong’an, found that a river water was poisonous to drink.  The folks did not believed him since they had been using the water as their daily consumption and to convince them, Tee Ong Yah was brave enough to drink the water to keep them safe. It took his life. That much he cared for people and the Jade Emperor appointed him a high ranking commander. He reappeared before the earthly Emperor who decreed that whichever part of the world he reside, he would be worshipped.

Tee Ong Yah has his home in Melaka on 195 Jalan Parameswara where he is regarded as the patron saint who would help in time of disorder to restore peace and in time of distress to restore prosperity. His home is named Yong Chuan TianThe Court of Perfect Bravery since 1818 A.D.

23 years before 1818 A.D., a detachment by sea, to the settlement of Malacca failed and Major-General Erskine was ordered down to Midnapore to quell it [Paragraph 70 Archive]. On June 1, 1811, two British squadrons arrived at Malacca and made contact with the Bengal Native Infantry under Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Auchmuty and during which Capt. George painted Yong Chuan Tian.

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