Spaghetti cooked by Super Rabbit on Hang Kasturi Melaka

Spa’getti the Italian pronounced as spah_GEH-tee is yummy at Super Rabbit Café. What is a vacation without great food?

Super Rabbit Café presents a menu that is inspired by flavours that define local cuisine, updated with an international taste profile that will appeal to all travelers.

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Look at the beautiful clouds above.


With Super Rabbit, I noticed straight up that the shades of the color of the sauce looked respectable – not too red nor brown complemented with enough green.


First fork impressions – pow!

Flavorsome and succulent.


Excellent smoothness and tangy.


Overall, a very delicious and tasty spaghetti.

Open to both staying and walk-in guests, this casual all-day dining outlet is ideal for all styles of gatherings, from breakfast meetings to lunch catch-ups, coffee-and-cake breaks to an intimated dinner for two.

Whether you just want a light nibble or a substantial meal, Super Rabbit Café selections will have you hopping with delight.

Al dente pasta coated in a creamy fusion of Nyonya curry and assam sauce, and served with hard-boiled eggs and tempura prawns. It’s a beautiful medley of flavors and textures that’s satisfying on every level. They call it a very local spaghetti.

The favorite petai-seeds of Melakan homes, stirred into a savoury sambal petai with prawns spicy enough to top the pasta combining the two differing east and west dishing, adventurous to a new taste. Dare to try?

Aglio Olio Mushroom Spaghetti is the all-time favorite, as the pasta is generously studded with button mushrooms and garlic, a classic plate to please every palate.

Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti is a partnership of garlic, mushrooms, parsley, and fresh cream, beautifully portioned together to pasta lovers.

Minced with chicken in a homemade Bolognese sauce that is rich in garlic, Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti taste excellent.

Tel +606 281 2109

I drank this Earl Grey Number 12 which has the following ingredients : Black Tea, Natural Bergamot Flavour, Blue Cornflower and Red Cornflower. I never had a dull tea moment in Super Rabbit. You can find out more about Bradley's Tea Piraminis by surfing

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