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As a member of an association, curiously I attended its annual general meeting for the first time yesterday to find out how is the going. The meeting started at half past one in the afternoon but as to be delayed to half past two since the number of attendees is not enough to qualify a conduct for the AGM.

Some of the committee members sigh over the delay which means the completion of vote-counting would end about an hour later instead of the estimated time at six. During the break, some of the committee members enjoyed the best and oldest spring-roll in town. Again, I see that time is the essence for everyone and time is impartial. The thought that arise immediately is about time and that meeting. Can both time and meeting works better together? I ponder.

When his dad was rolling ‘popiah’ to queues of cars and pedestrian, fast-operator has already delivered food to homes; a shift in how food is served which opened up my mind then. Home delivery of food started with a phone call and mobile ordering has replaced the redundant conversation. Mobile Ordering has removed errors in taking order and at the same time, replaced cash payment with online payment. To this end, I asked myself a question, “Can that meeting be converted to a more effective and interactive mobile-meeting?”
I believed we can.

Sundry shop has made millionaires in the past and the shop is now gone. When supermarkets sprouted in the middle to the town, families still prefer the personal touch of the sundry shop. Sundry shop has to close shop after retail chain stores begin infesting the town 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You see this change too.

Already happening, your children are shopping from their mobile phones, things like dresses, shoes, food … … … excetera. Can retail chain store live on?

Former students who are as old as 50s, 60s and even 70s are using social media like facebook and whatsapp for coordination of their gatherings. They only meet on the gathering date to enjoy the friendship chat and get rid of all prior routine appointments to discuss about how their gathering should be done.

Soon, employees would not have to go to their work places but to work at home except those who have to face the walk in guest and the society will become more effective. There will be a reduction of exhaust fumes and people will be healthier as the eco-system become cleaner. Office Excel, Office Work, PowerPoint Presentation and Pdf is now going mobile too to be followed with more unexpected useful applications.

Polling and voting can now be done through a few touches and the result is on a real-time basis; so why can ‘t annual general meetings go mobile? Soon, there rolltop would be more useful than desktop and laptop, I heard.
I left the meeting early at 2:15 and step into the lift that open on the ground  floor where the springroll man has packed two rolls of town famous popiah I ordered earlier.

Tuesday 30 May 2017

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