Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei P 10 G79 Mahkota Parade, Melaka

Huawei Mahkota Parade 
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Make every selfie a cover shot, Huawei P 10 is the world’s first Leica front camera smartphone. Visit the Huawei store in Mahkota Parade now to find out more about P 10. Look for Ah Han.

In this write-up, we want to share with just on Huawe Mate 9 a smartphone co-engineered with Leica

Leica is a company with passion and perfection to create unique images.

Mate Series is a step ahead in revolutionary speed, photography and power including a high performance with a dual camera.

On Page 2 of Huawei Mobile Newsletter, these points you must know –

Born Fast

A device that keeps you ahead of the game equipped with the Kirin 960 processor, the Huawei Mate 9 is an Android phone with blistering performance to run apps, videos and HD games seamlessly.

Stay Fast

Say goodbye to lagging performance. Huawei’s cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithm delivers consistent performance by automatically prioritizing CPU, RAM and ROM resources based on user habits.

Revolutionary Photography

The Huawei Mate 9 sports a Leica Dual Camera with a 12MP RGB sensor and 20MP monochrome sensor. The RGB sensor captures vivid colours, while the monochrome sensor picks out the finer details. Equipped with a great hybrid zoom, the Huaweri Mate 9 allows you to take Leica-quality images, even at greater focal lengths.

Revolutionary Power

The Huawei Mate 9 offers revolutionary battery life. With its large 4000mAh battery and smart power-sharing technology, you can enjoy two days usage. State-of-the-art Huawei SuperCharge technology safely charges the device for a full day’s power in 20 minutes.

Ground-breaking UX – EMUI 5.0

EMUI 5.0 is the latest Android-based operating system from Huawei. Inspired by the Aegean Sea, this new system has a clean and living look and feel that compliments the simplicity of its user experience. Smooth, natural and effortless, EMUI 5.0 is designed with you in mind – and with the power and efficiency to remain fast throughout its lifetime.

On Page 4 and 5 of the newsletter, it read :


The Huawei P9 & P9 Plus has two Leica Summarit H 1:2.2/27 ASPH lenses built-in for a Revolutionary Dual Camera experience with your smartphone.

The Huawer P9 & P9 Plus captures brilliant colour and striking black and white which are hallmarks of Leica. Capture more light with two sensors, one RGB and one monochrome. Get incredible shots with the Huawei P9’s merging algorithm, which intelligently combines the colours taken by the RGB sensor with the detail of the monochrome sensor.

Professional Mode

The Huawei P9 & P9 Plus professional mode gives you complete control over the camera’s core functions. It is easy to activate and simple to use. With the Huawei P9, you will be taking photos with a professional edge.

Wide Aperture

Add dimension to your photograph by blurring the background, or magically bring everything into focus. Create stunning images through the wide aperture effect.

Premium metal and ultra slim unibody with a large display

The Huawei P9 & P9 Plus are crafted by some of the world’s top industrial designers to achieve a visually stunning design with diamond-cut edges, rounded out by beautiful curvatures and a slimness of only 6.95mm and 6.98mm, weighing a mere 144g and 162g.

Bold, colourful display

Discover a more vivid world that’s even closer to natural colours on a stunning 5.2” Full HD display with 96% colour saturation and high contrast.

Long-lasting performance

Stay charged for longer with Huawei P9 & P9 Plus high-capacity battery, the new Huawei P9 & P9 Plus gives you more time to call, connect, play, and watch without needing to worry about running out of power.

Thanks to its highly efficient Kirin 955 chip with SmartPower technology, you can enjoy listening to music non-stop for up to 56 hours (P9) & 65 hours (P9 Plus)


Triple Antenna (Signal + 2.0)
Built with a virtual Triple antenna, meaning you do not need to worry about your hand position under different signal conditions.

Superior Connectivity (Wi-Fi + 2.0)
Automatically ranks and connects to the strongest available Wi-Fi network.

Secure, Accurate and Convenient.
Benefit from enhanced security without sacrificing ease of access with our enhanced fingerprint sensor.

Watch how well Ah Han explained to Evely Teo

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