Muar is a town very dear to me. I used to sit in a car on a ferry to Muar when I was a kid.

The ferry service slowly faded away when the old Muar bridge connecting Tanjong Agas and Bandar Maharani was built.

The incident that I still remember is a book distributor I visited when I crossed the bridge for the first time.

I frequently used the bridge from 1986 to 1998 when I was in the courier services work.

This is the video I recorded yesterday when I visited Muar.

Here is a Muar street.

Photograph of

The roundabout is an identity that reflect a person has reached Muar.

Photograph of

A typical old sundry shop and my wife is checking what is put on sales.

Photograph of

The Eng Choon Huay Kuan is huge.

Photograph of

We were sipping coffee at Sai Kee 434 Coffee.

Photograph of

I cannot understand why it is named as Elephant Bean.

The chef cum owner of Muar famous Mee-Bandung asked me take this photograph.

Photograph of

He show some photographs of the many on the wall, that I recognised. All of them in the photographs are celebrities and vvip.

I am also lucky to have seen Muyhidin Yassin's sister in person.

A nice tour of Muar. See you again.

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