Moser Roth Dark Chocolate

Photograph of

“Mousse au Chocolat

Cherry Chilli

There are 20 cubes in the five bars of premium dark chocolate tablets with a fruity Sour Cherry Chilli filing on fine whipped chocolate mousse.

Indulge yourself with Mousse au Chocolat Cherry Chilli – a fruity, hot, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate delicacy by MOSER ROTH.

Carefully created following a sophisticated recipe, using only the finest ingredients.

The finest 85% cocoa dark chocolate envelopes a fruity, hot sour-cherry chilli composition on a layer of wonderfully creamy, lightly whipped chocolate mousse.

Mousse au Chocolat Cherry Chilli is an unequalled, delectable chocolate creation for connoisseurs of the highest chocolatier craftsmanship.

This chocolate is made in Germany”

[Above notes – as found on the packing]

I am a great chocolate lover. I ate chocolate made in these countries; Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, New Zealand …
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