How was Kampung Morten created ?

Melaka is not just so congested today but the congestion in the central area of Melaka has for long been inherent in the spatial structure from the city’s history.

Kampung Jawa was a fishing village on the banks of the Melaka river but today you cannot imagine that the it was a residential area of the Malay-dominated fishing population.

I can remember the sound of the motor-engine fishing boats coming from the mouth of the Melaka River berthing along the banks near to Kampung Jawa. I had followed my mother to the Melaka wholesale wet market in the morning when I was still studying in Malacca High School. Today, the same area is a mark of innovation, Vedro By The River

Next to the Vedro, you can see the Wana Riverside Hotel which was named Plaza Inn and when my wife was a hotel staff then, she used to buy Nasi Lemak from the wet market.

The Malay shifted to Kampung Morten from Kampung Jawa. Read more here

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